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Company profile RWA was founded in 1994 and today is the leader engineering company of Russia in the field of automation of control systems of train traffic. RWA activity is execution of a complete complex of works and services when implementing of up-to-date systems of automation and supervision for the mainline and industrial railway transport and subways. Divisions of the company provide research and development, engineering survey works, design engineering development, integrated supply of the special equipment and devices, and also a complex of installation, start up and commissioning works, warranty and service maintenance of systems. Number of employees:  90   RWA Facts listing

  •  Company develops and serially produces the modern systems of electric interlocking based on innovative technical and process solutions, including microprocessor engineering. All MPI systems of RWA make are executed on basis of the unified, serially manufactured industrial computers and equipment of M/s Schneider Electric which has the European certificates of quality.
  •  Company’s priority is quality policy. Company developed and implemented the quality management system focused effective management of processes at all stages of activities of the company according to requirements of the international ISO 9000 standards. Compliance to system of RWA quality management is confirmed by Certificate ISO 9001 2008.
  • RWA is the only company in Russia, possessing with practical experience of revamping of subway station under operation. Smoothly running techniques of installation, adjustment and start up works made by RWA personnel provide to performance of revamping without disturbing operation of subway.
  •  RWA provides integrated projects in the territories of Russia. Representations of RWA are located in Russia (Belgorod).
  •  During activities Company performed more than 100 integrated projects of automation of railway transport of industrial facilities and more than 30 – mainline railways.
  • Strategic objectives of the company include: saving of leading positions in the Russian market and strengthening of presence in the foreign markets of automation of facilities of railway transport and subways, first of all in Russia and Kazakhstan.
  •  Key customers of RWA – the largest domestic and foreign enterprises. Among them: JSC NC «Kazakstan temir zholy», State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Metro, «Mikhailovsky Ore Mining Plant», «Silvinit», «Tulachermet», Ryazanskaya oil refinery company.